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  • Greg Isenberg

    Greg Isenberg

    Founder of Islands

  • Jostein Leira

    Jostein Leira

    Python software developer and Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

  • Xinran Waibel

    Xinran Waibel

    💻 Data Engineer at Netflix. ✒️ Writer for Towards Data Science, Google Cloud, KDnuggets & DZone. Opinions Are My Own. linkedin.com/in/xinranwaibel/

  • Joaquín Alfaro

    Joaquín Alfaro

    Solutions Architect at formentor-studio.com

  • Stefano Solimito

    Stefano Solimito

    Principal data engineer @ Photobox

  • Kaxil Naik

    Kaxil Naik

    Apache Airflow PMC Member and Committer | Open Source Advocate

  • Panama Crypto

    Panama Crypto

    ₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession. twitter.com/Panama_TJ

  • Parul Pandey

    Parul Pandey

    Data Science @H2O.ai | Editor @wicds

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