Visualize Your Crypto Portfolio

I share a Google Sheets script that you can use to quickly generate a bar plot of your cryptocurrency portfolio on — Yes, this means you need to track/create your private portfolio on CryptoCompare.

The script will generate a plot like this:

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and a table like this:

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Google Sheets Script

The script is quite simple, it reads “copy and pasted” data from , transforms it into a table, and then plots it. This would have taken me a few minutes in Python. But I wanted everyone to be able to use it! So… I spent half a day writing JavaScript that can be run in a Google Sheets app.

Last updated: November 25th, 2017

Here is how you can use it:

1) Open your portfolio on CryptoCompare. Then open a new Google Sheet document in Google Drive.

2) Select and copy the following table:

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Make sure you copy the column names as well.

3) Paste this into the first cell of your newly opened sheets doc.

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4) Select “Script Editor” from the Tools menu.

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5) Delete any default code in the window, and then paste the JavaScript code here.

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Hard link to github source here:

This code is also available for review at the end of this post.

6) Save your project, feel free to keep the default name.

7) Select the main function.

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8) Click the play button at the top of the page to run the main function.

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9) Give the required authorization.

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10) You may get a warning like the following I’ve posted below, which can be resolved by clicking the Advanced tab.

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11) Then click on the newly available link to grant authorization.

Image for post

I also had to type “Continue”

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12) After granting authorization, the script should automatically run. Go back to your sheet and — voila — the table and plot should have appeared.

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If it didn’t work, you’re welcome to get in touch with me on twitter here:

The code I’ve provided to do data parsing and visualization can be seen below:
Upon review, you will find there is nothing fishy going on, we are just parsing the values pasted into the sheet and creating a plot.

Here is the github source:

Thanks for reading 👏.

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Python Data Engineer, MSc. Physics

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